Once again, summer is here. While it offers a lot of marvels, the heat can be extremely frustrating if you’ve got an old and dying AC unit. Of course, if you feel like you are being cooked on your couch, how can you enjoy yourself? 

Is your AC unit freezing up whenever you use it during a hot summer day? Well, that is obviously an issue you have to tackle by hiring an HVAC Repair Austin technician. Here are a couple of reasons why your unit freezes up: 

Fan Malfunction 

A damaged fan is one problem that can lead to a frozen AC unit. Producing rattling noises, propelling slower than normal, and not moving are a couple of excellent signs of a fan malfunction.  

Over time, condensation will build-up when your fan is not properly working, whether it was not installed properly or damaged from wear and tear.  

Thermostat Levels 

You can easily freeze up your AC unit if you blast your AC. You are generating a higher possibility of freezing the coils if you often place the thermostat at a low temperature.  

Because of this, you’ve got to prevent running or overusing your AC overnight. The best time to place your thermostat at low temperatures is when it is overly humid or during heatwaves.  

Of course, you will have higher chances of running into issues in the future if you use your AC unit a lot of times. One of these issues can be your AC unit freezing up.  

Drainage Problems 

The drain pipe and line are loose and dirt causing a blockage are a couple of main drainage problems.  

The water can be disrupted by the buildup of dirt when your drainage pipes are loose. Eventually, it can cause your AC unit to freeze up.  

The water will start to leak all-around your AC unit when the drainage pipes are loose. Eventually, if the leak is not cleaned, it will freeze over. 

You should examine your drain pipes during humid days. You’ve got to ensure you notice the water moving through the system. Call a professional HVAC technician if you have a clogged drain pipe.  

Low Refrigerant 

The low refrigerant level is another reason why your AC freezes up. This can even be the major reason why your AC system freezes up. 

For those who don’t know, the refrigerant can be the main cause of a lot of problems that you’ll experience with your AC system. When it comes to freezing, a low refrigerant level will lead to the evaporator coils freezing the AC.  

When you’ve got a leak, it can lower the refrigerant level. You need an expert to fix this. 

Clogged Air Filter 

A dirty air filter is one sign that causes a lot of AC problems. Dirt and dust can accumulate and block airflow if the air filter is not cleaned every month.  

Because of this, the refrigerant will over-cool and freeze your AC. That’s why it is important to check your AC filters every month and clean them regularly.